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Life Tools version 1.0
Life Tools Custom Systray Menu. Organize Favorite Files Folders and Websites Life Tools Menu !

Your Very Own Customized Sytray Icon Menu



  •  Organize your favorite Files, Folders and Websites in One Place
  •  Create Unlimited Menu Tree Structures
  •  Easy Drag and Drop from: Desktop, Explorer, Program Files, Web Browser
  •  Right Click on a Web page in IE and Access Your Custom Menu
  •  Save Your Menu Tree Structures and Instantly Access them from the Menu
Life Tools Customized Systray Icon Menu

   How does it work?
  Add Short-cuts Directly from Program Files
  Add Web Site URL's from a Web Browser
  Add Files & Folders from Windows Explorer
  Add LT Menus to the Menu
  Access LT Pop-up Menu from IE

  Organize Files, Folders and Websites
  One Click Access, Super fast, Super easy!
  Customize a Menus for Home and Work
  Access Your Menu While Surfing the Web
  Free-up Space in your SysTray & Memory


Life Tools allows you to access all of your favorite Files, Folders and Websites with One Click from your Systray. Create your own custom menus for home or work to keep all of your favorite files, folders and websites organized and easily accessible. Drag and Drop files, folders and even websites to your customized menu. You can even add a Life Tools Menu to your Menu. Stop spending all of your time searching for what you already found before!

Free up your valuable systray real estate. Why waste all of your memory loading programs that you don't even use half the time? Now you can access and control when they load with one click of your mouse.

Get organized with Life Tools and increase your time and productivity today!

Click the link below to download your FREE Trial of this software.

   System Version   Date Modified
3.55 MB   Windows XP/2000 03/01/2006 4:52 PM
Stable Version Compatible with Windows XP/2000.

Beta Testing available for Windows 95/98/NT. If you would like to beta test for these systems please Download Runtime File in addition to the file above. Send Feedback via the feedback forms in the program.

Life Tools Systray Menu ®
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