Dreamstruct.com Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Quick Answers

1. Do you Install Adware with any product? No.
2. Do you sell any of my information to anyone? No.
3. What information do you collect? Only your machine ID in order to unlock the application.
4. Do you ever or would you ever sell my e-mail or personal info? No.
5. Do you use cookies on any of your web pages? No.
6. Do you automatically opt me into any e-mail SPAM? No.
7. Do you send SPAM? No.

The above questions and answers are truthfully stated and represent Dreamstruct.com and all of Dreamstruct.com's Products. Please read the full explanation of these answers for complete details.


Dreamstruct.com understands how important your privacy and has created this privacy policy to you as a guide to our websites and products.

Collection of Customer Information

When might we collect information?
As a customer, in order to process your order, we use the unique machine identification number on your computer as a means to generate an unlock code for your product. If you use RegNow as your payment option we will never even see this number, and it will be processed securely through their server. Personal information is never sold or given to a third party. Your information is kept completely private.

Do we sell any information?
No, we do not sell information to third partys and the only time your information is used is to process an order for our software or services. This information is transferred through a Secure Socket Connection with 128 bit encryption directly to the credit card processing company.

Do we install Adware in ANY of our applications?
No. Absolutely not. Dreamstruct does not support, nor condone the use of Adware on it's site. In fact, we're highly against this method of advertising/selling.

Use of Cookies?
No. Currently we do not use cookies on our site. However this may change in the future.

We promise to uphold your privacy to it's highest level of security. We use RegNow and PayPal's Secure Socket Layer connections to ensure that all of your payment information is encrypted and confidential.

If you have any further questions or hesitations, Please E-mail us at:

We will be happy to provide you with answers and great service.



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