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Web Camera Security - Highbury Entertainment cover mount authorisation

Dear Sir / Madam,
My name is April Madden and I am a Staff Writer at Highbury Entertainment Ltd, based in the UK. We are currently compiling the contents for the featured cover mounted disc included with ‘PC Basics’ magazine. I am writing to you because we would like to include Web Camera Security System on the disc. The details of this request are outlined below.
Due to our tight deadlines the latest date we need a decision by is 4th May 2005, if you could let me know before this date it would be greatly appreciated. If you do not reply by this date we cannot guarantee that your product will feature on the disc.
If you have a new or updated version of the product requested and would like it included instead please let us know. Also if you have any other software / offers that you feel would be of interested to our readers, please let me know. A cover mounted disc is a great way for you to increase awareness of your products to potential customers.
Here are the details of this request.
Requested software: Web Camera Security System
Software Manufacturer: Dreamstruct
Permission response deadline: 4th May 2005
Magazine: ‘PC Basics’
Issue number/s: 84
Magazine on sale date: 9th June 2005
Cover mount Systems: PC CD
Magazine distribution: UK
Magazine circulation: 20 000
Magazine frequency: Every four weeks
Other contents featuring on the disc include: a  range of  programs, tutorials, resources, video tutorials.
If Permission is granted please supply the following:
1. A positive response to this email with confirmation of your duplication permission. Please send this to me and cc a copy to the Multimedia Editor for ‘PC Basics’, Ben Spencer; email
2. A web link or FTP details to download the version of your product you wish us to use.
3. Any relevant technical information / software registration information / Licence information that our readers need to be aware of.
4. Any documentation that you require Highbury Entertainment to agree to and sign.
5. Any high resolution screenshots or images of the product which you may want us to use.

We unfortunately cannot guarantee editorial content in the magazine, except in the case of full version software; but if you wish to request editorial coverage please contact Geoff Spick, the Editor of ‘PC Basics’; email
It is possible that as your product has been identified by us we will be requesting to cover mount the product detailed above on future issues of the magazine listed or other Highbury Entertainment titles.
If you wish us to contact you every time we feature your product we will do so. However in an attempt to reduce administration and time we can give you the opportunity to offer us an agreement allowing duplication permission over a longer period of time. If you are interested in doing this then please contact me and we can arrange for this to happen.
On behalf of the Highbury Multimedia Department and ‘PC Basics’,
Kind Regards
April Madden

April Madden
Staff Writer, PC Basics
Highbury Entertainment Ltd
Paragon House
St Peter's Road

Tel: +44 (0) 1202 209395

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